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Populations around the world are becoming increasingly connected, and so is the spread of disease. CRDF Global strengthens global health and health security through collaborative technical assistance and research to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks and other global health challenges. Our multi-sectoral, scalable approaches promote global engagement, partnerships, and empower local solutions for sustainability and self-reliance. With over 25 years of experience working in complex and high- risk environments, we can quickly mobilize resurces that suport Global Health Security, lab system strengthening, HIV/AIDS & TB technical assistance, One Health, biosafety and biosecurity best practices, and collaborative research. 

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Emergency Response to Disease Outbreaks
During disease outbreaks and emergencies, CRDF Global rapidly deploys our network of global health experts that have extensive backgrounds, cultural knowledge, and local relationships specific to regional needs. We launch ciritical trainings for frontline health workers, equip labroatires with essential equipment and supplies and carryout data collection and reporting in high-risk and remote regions. We build local capacities for government agencies to address health challenges and develop coordinated responses to outbreaks. In Kenya for example, CRDF Global worked with local government agencies to establish the Zoonotic Disease Unit (ZDU) to manage and respond to suspected cases of infectious diseases and coordinate disease surveillance, detection, diagnosis and reporting between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture. The ZDU is now an integrated and permanent government office supported by the Kenyan government.

Global Health Security
CRDF Global advances the Global Health Security Agenda through prevention, detection, and responseto both accidental and nefarious releases of dangerous pathogens and threats. We promote internationally standardized best practices; secure institutions and pathogens; and encourage multilateral and multi-sectoral engagements and partnerships. CRDF Global also serves on the Global Health Security Agenda Consortium and the No More Epidemics campaign.

Global Health Diagnostics, Surveillance & Reporting in High-Risk Environments
CRDF Global develops and executes plans to identify specific security risks and mitigation strategies. We assess the operating and risk environment of a country or region and then take the appropriate steps to minimize and neutralize them. We prioritize the physical security of staff, participants, and facilities.Our long-term experience in countries like Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, northern Nigeria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan has yielded well established relationships with trusted in-country security personnel, logistical service providers, and key government stakeholders. These relationships allow us to carryout successful global health initiatives despite risks.

Laboratory System Strengthening
We strengthen laboratory capacity through the design and implementation of national disease surveillance systems, risk detection and mitigation, laboratory enhancements, workforce capacity building, curriculum development, mentorship, exchange programs and quality management.

Technical Assistance
CRDF Global designs multisectoral, customized and targeted capacity building programs. Since 2014, CRDF Global has trained 587 participants at over 30 events on field epidemiology, disease surveillance, One Health, diagnostics, emergency response, HAZMAT, and other global health related topics.

Grants and Program Management
With over 24 years of program management experience, we manage the delivery of grants using program management best practices. Our systems initiate grant proposal solicitations, selection processes, contracting, award management, compliance monitoring and grant close-out. CRDF Global has strengthened global health in over 35 countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and post-Soviet states through our comprehensive grants program that delivers support directly to local institutions for laboratory security upgrades, workforce development, and equipment procurement to mitigate global health risks. This flexible program can be tailored to address various needs, priorities, and risks. At a laboratory institution in Ukraine, CRDF Global delivered grants to upgrade laboratory infrastructure, enhance sanitation resources, and train staff on global health security concepts and techniques.