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Global Health

Global Health

CRDF Global works to empower people and programs to prevent, detect, investigate, and mitigate disease threats worldwide

We strengthen systems from the national to the local level that are critical to:

Prevent, detect, and respond effectively to emerging disease risks and threats

- Improve health outcomes and create resilient health systems

- Conduct research to find innovative solutions to health challenges

CRDF Global partners with governments, research institutions, universities, international organizations, the private sector, and local organizations to strengthen health systems for global health security. Our multisectoral and scalable approaches promote collaborative partnerships and country-led solutions for sustainability and self-reliance.


The COVID-19 pandemic has cost over a million lives, billions of dollars and undermined access to essential health services. Yet COVID-19 is only one of the emerging diseases that threaten the safety and security of populations around the world. Our solutions strive to prevent, detect, and respond to global health and security threats through innovation and collaboration.  

► Prevent:

Biosafety and Biosecurity: CRDF Global supports a risk-based approach to preventing and mitigating the accidental or deliberate spread of pathogens from laboratories to human and animal populations by strengthening policies, plans, protocols, programs, and workforce from the national to the facility level.
Strengthening Institutions and Governance: CRDF Global provides technical assistance to governments and their partners to implement the International Health Regulations (2005), from strengthening national legal/regulatory and policy frameworks to developing costed plans for health security.
Operationalizing One Health: COVID-19 is one of many diseases – including HIV/AIDS, Ebola, MERS, and avian influenza – that have jumped from animals into human populations to threaten or cause major epidemics. We partner with governments and research institutions to strengthen systems to detect and reduce the risk of zoonotic disease spillover and spread, using a One Health approach to improve early warning, timely data sharing, laboratory testing, and joint outbreak response capacities across the human health, animal health, environment, and wildlife sectors.
Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR):  We work with governments and their partners to mitigate the growing healthcare-associated threat of AMR, including providing assistance to strengthen national systems to prevent, detect, and control multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (TB) through infection prevention and control (IPC), effective treatment, and TB preventative therapies.


Strengthening Laboratory Systems: CRDF Global assists governments and their partners in establishing tiered, integrated laboratory networks to support health service delivery and detect priority diseases rapidly, reliably, accurately, and safely, from the point of specimen collection to the final management of data and biological materials.
Surveillance:  CRDF Global works with governments to strengthen the national systems and human capital needed to detect and analyze infectious disease burdens and to use surveillance data for decision making and effective responses.


Preparedness and Emergency Response: CRDF Global assists partner governments in enhancing outbreak preparedness, response, and recovery through the development and testing of multisectoral emergency preparedness and response plans.

CRDF Global creates structures that enable researchers to collaborate and solve problems. We do this by providing project management, financial management, education, and grants management assistance to individual researchers, national research institutions, and global research networks to advance global health research and capacity building.

CRDF Global has extensive experience delivering integrated online trainings and mentorship programs leveraging our customized, remote engagement technology platform, REDOX. We successfully connect and enable global subject matter experts to provide needed training, expert discussions, and thought leadership to audiences with limited in-person accessibility or located in challenging environments. Learn more about REDOX.