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Facilitating collaboration for a better world

The potential to help solve the world’s most pressing challenges lies largely with the many talented individuals — scientists, innovators, students, lawyers, journalists, and more — working to make positive impacts in their communities.

Since 2011, CRDF has connected global leaders with resources, mentorship, and professional training necessary to take their careers to the next level.  

Our mission is to foster international peer-to-peer connections, build mutual understanding and trust, and promote cultural exchange between the American people and emerging leaders around the world. CRDF Global exchange participants return to their communities with the tools necessary to enhance their work, share new skills with colleagues, and continue collaborating with peers worldwide.

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Strategic Areas

Many of our exchanges encourage bilateral cooperation in the fields of chemical security, weapons of mass destruction, biological safety and security, public health, nonproliferation, and other areas strengthen global security. We also emphasize the engagement of women in the sector to support equal opportunities for women in a science sector that is traditionally male-dominated. Our custom exchanges for global experts in this sector engage laboratories, research institutions, ministries, universities, and other sector-specific stakeholders worldwide. They can range in time from a few weeks to a year.

Short term, custom-tailored fellowships enable global professionals to immerse themselves in professional development activities that further their own professional skills in the field of: 

  • Small and medium business development 
  • Business administration 
  • Business education 
  • Economic development policy 
  • Social entrepreneurship 
  • Community training programs 
  • Innovation and technology 
  • Emerging technologies 

Fellowship exchanges support economic empowerment and create and sustain economic opportunities for women, youth, minorities, and marginalized populations.

CRDF Global believes in supporting early-career U.S. scientists as they engage in innovative research and international collaborations to support the field of science and technology in a meaningful and applicable manner. Our virtual and in-person fellowships connect young U.S. researchers and scientists with their international counterparts and mentors to create new partnerships that serve as the foundation for future Collaboration.

The field of cybersecurity is rapidly evolving, resulting in a required need for increased international Collaboration and cooperation to respond to global challenges and security concerns. For example, in Eastern Europe, our hybrid fellowship programs connect regional cybersecurity experts and their U.S. counterparts through fellowship placements at U.S. research institutions. Exchanges are designed to support follow-on activities that promote continued cooperation beyond the formal period of each exchange.

Professional exchanges create opportunities to build mutual understanding and trust and promote cultural exchange between U.S. citizens and emerging leaders around the world. Each professional exchange brings global leaders to the United States on a custom-designed program that responds to the thematic topic of importance to that specific country or region. Three to four-week virtual and in-person exchanges cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to democratic institutions, human rights, global health, science and technology, and environmental security.

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