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Integrated Solution

What is an Integrated Solution

CRDF Global’s integrated solutions span our mission areas, offering our partners, funders, and participants comprehensive and sustainable services to solve their most critical challenges.

Collaboration is a critical part of technical and professional trainings and mentorship. However, opportunities for in-person collaborations can be limited due to threats to public health and safety, tight resources, and ongoing geopolitical concerns. In these cases, we develop virtual, customized materials, trainings, and mentorship to extend learning and sustainable outcomes.

REDOX is CRDF Global’s approach to integrated remote learning. REDOX provides asynchronous learning, synchronous “live” engagements, and applied learning customized to fit specific project learning outcomes.

We partner with diverse, highly-qualified subject matter experts and in-country colleagues to develop training curricula, exercises, hands-on demonstrations, and knowledge assessments for target audiences. In-country partners can host live expert discussion sessions throughout the course for participants at convenient, centralized locations, or for access from homes and offices. Following the exercises, participants can complete action plans and evaluation surveys, receive training certificates, and engage in ongoing networking and dialogue.

The REDOX approach can be customized to meet specific needs and learning outcomes. Some capabilities include:

  • Operation in low bandwidth and rural environments, allowing individuals to download material over cellular networks and participate at their own pace and schedule
  • Options for global deployment, which is especially useful for regions where travel is impractical or cost-prohibitive
  • High-quality translation and interpretation to reach the widest range of audiences

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