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Grants & Research Competitions

Core Capability

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For over 20 years, CRDF Global has implemented merit-based competitions for individuals and institutions to achieve capacity building and threat reduction goals. We have a proven record of developing competitions, soliciting applications, and administering awards through a processes that ensures fairness, transparency, and efficiency.

CRDF Global’s grants and research competitions enable researchers to collaborate internationally to receive research funding, technical training, and institutional facility upgrades.

We provide project and financial management, peer review coordination, and grants management assistance to individual researchers, national research institutions, and facilities and laboratories. We screen applications for plagiarism, conflict of interest, and industry standards to ensure that competitions are managed accurately and that awards are distributed in accordance with our partners’ standards and regulations. Once awards are distributed, we work directly with award recipients to monitor project progress, budgets, and adherence to competitions’ rules and regulations.

See the full list of our grants and funding opportunities here.

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