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Safety, security, and sustainability through science, innovation, and collaboration.

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Funding Opportunities

In collaboration with our partners, CRDF Global occasionally hosts funding competitions with the goal of advancing research, innovation, and security around the globe.

Opportunities Include:

  • Research grants
  • Fellowships
  • Business plan competitions
  • Technical trainings
  • Laboratory upgrades
  • Travel support to attend professional conferences
The idea of being able to make contributions to my home country and to the world on these topics excites me so much"
— Fadime Özge Özkan | Nuclear Engineer and Research Assistant at Istanbul Technical University,


Digitizing Agribusiness in Ukraine

Agriculture and IT are two of Ukraine’s fastest-growing industries. In recent years, pioneers in innovation have turned to combining the two industries to make Ukraine one of the most important countries in agribusiness and emerging technologies. From digital...

Amidst Pandemic and Conflict, Chemical Security Progress in Libya Provides Hope

Academic and industry sectors are frequent users of hazardous and potentially weaponizable dual-use chemical materials. Chemical and petrochemical industries often use these hazardous chemicals to produce commodities such as textiles, cement, iron, and steel...

Ukraine’s ATO/JFO Veterans Begin First Cybersecurity Professional Development and Reintegration Training

On May 24, 2021, CRDF Global held its first event for participants of the Cyberdefenders program, a professional development and reintegration program for ATO/JFO veterans in Ukraine.  Over the next four months, the 30 participants will learn new skills to ...


Jim Banaski, Senior Technical Advisor for CRDF Global's Global Health division, in Tashkent for the launch of the Public Health Emergency Operations Center.

CRDF Global helps launch Uzbekistan Public Health Emergency Operations Center

On June 16th, 2021, CRDF Global partnered with Integral Global Health to launch the Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PHEOC), a first-of-its-kind unit within Uzbekistan’s Min

Promoting Safe & Secure Nuclear Energy: A Thought Leadership Event With Ambassador Laura Holgate

On June 8, CRDF Global hosted a Thought Leadership Series event titled “Promoting Safe and Secure Nuclear Energy: Nuclear Security Priorities in the Next 5 Years” featuring a conversa

Q&A with Kenton Nakamura: Supporting Emerging Leaders in Public Diplomacy and International Exchange

Kenton Nakamura is a Project Lead in CRDF Global’s Security Assistance Division.

Advancement and Inclusion of Women in Science and Security

CRDF Global promotes the active involvement and leadership of women in STEM and CBRN security fields. “Breaking Barriers: Best Practices for the Advancement and Inclusion of Women in STEMM and National Security” is a resource we have created to provide all organizations with steps they can implement to foster more inclusive and diverse work environments.

This often ignored or silenced demographic holds the key to untold innovations"
— Camille Stewart | Cyber Security Policy at Google,


We believe today's challenges require global solutions. Join us.

We are committed to:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Effective Communication
People here are always willing to help and back you up if you’re having a challenging day"
— Najati Al Huneidi | Senior Project Lead, Biosecurity