Procurement & RFPs

Seeking Technical Experts in Cybersecurity

Submission Deadline

Monday, July 25 2022


CRDF Global cybersecurity projects teams are seeking local TECHNICAL CYBER SECURITY SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS (hereafter, “SMEs”).

Above mentioned SMEs’ tasks would be mainly concentrated on providing certain technical advisory and practical services on cyber security for the project activities, implemented by coordinating, guiding, and supporting the creation of best practices for the organization’s advanced cyber activities. The expert will deliver that in a manner aligned with CRDF Global project goals and objectives and customers’ specific requirements.

Proposal Requirements

Each proposal must include:

  • Statement of Interest and Technical Capabilities (including the list of RFP related capabilities, applicable experience and references):
    • Detailed description of the services offered in correlation with this RFP section for: SCOPE AND TASKS AND DELIVERABLES
    • List of recent experiences/samples working with the US Government and/or other donors’ organizations
  • CVs (no more than 2 pages) of the bidders specialists offered for the assignment
  • Cost proposal – description of the pricing and cost factors (hourly rates) that the Bidder would be willing to negotiate under the GSC;
  • Completion & online submission of CRDF Global’s Contractor Data Form/Formstack.

Submissions should be sent to Yuliia Nikolova & CC Anastasiia Kurylenko, no later than July 25, 2022, COB (Kyiv time). Proposals should be submitted as electronic documents in PDF and Word, and/or Excel formats.