Procurement & RFPs

Seeking experts for outreaching possible partners and coordinating Cyber Hygiene and Cybersecurity Activities for public and private companies

Submission Deadline

Monday, October 10 2022


Under the project on Inculcating Cybersecurity Best Practices to Prevent Cybertheft of Sensitive Data, Research, and Technology from the Private, Research and Academia Sectors, CRDF Global is going to deliver cyber hygiene and cybersecurity training courses accompanied with live cross-sector sessions for compliance and cybersecurity (managers, compliance officers) and cybersecurity professionals (system administrators, IT engineers) and other relevant personnel of private and public companies and research institutions that create or develop advanced WMD-applicable or dual-use bio-convergent technologies, such as AI, biotechnologies, and quantum computing/high-performance computing in Brazil, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam; and universities developing research and technologies in the field of aircraft and aerospace engineering, quantum computing, semi-conductor and chip manufacturing, deep space exploration, military or proliferation-sensitive technology, and artificial intelligence in Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Kenya, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and Ukraine (hereinafter – the “countries of engagement”).


Selected Subject Matter Experts (hereinafter – SMEs) should provide support with identifying and establishing relationships with possible partners in any, several, or all of the countries of engagement, including liaising with State and Regional government officials, stakeholders in the private sector, research sector, and academia, and provide comprehensive support at all stages of project implementation, that may include (but are not limited to): mapping of partners, moderating public events, providing technical advice, guidance, and leadership to CRDF Global assigned staff on designing and implementing technical components of the project. The SMEs selected to provide their services for the specific country(ies) of engagement are expected to complete the following tasks:

Note to potential Proponents: Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated on a rolling basis. Early applications are encouraged.

Please refer to the table below to check on the status of the SME selection process for each country of engagement:


# Country of engagement Status of the SME selection process
1 Brazil ongoing
2 Bulgaria ongoing
3 Chile ongoing
4 Croatia ongoing
5 Indonesia ongoing
6 Kenya ongoing
7 Lebanon ongoing
8 Malaysia ongoing
9 Romania ongoing
10 Serbia ongoing
11 Singapore ongoing
12 South Africa ongoing
13 Taiwan ongoing
14 Thailand ongoing
15 Ukraine ongoing
16 Vietnam ongoing