Procurement & RFPs

RFP-24-UA-2023 – Subject Matter Expert(s) on the security of chemical-related critical infrastructure objects and strengthen chemical critical infrastructure security and resilience in Ukraine

Submission Deadline

Wednesday, November 22 2023


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter expert(s) (SME(s)) with specialized knowledge of the security aspects of critical infrastructure within the chemical sector and experience of conducting security vulnerability assessments for state and private facilities, training public and private sector stakeholders on physical security of critical infrastructure. CRDF Global will implement a multi-phase project which will consist of vulnerability assessments of chemical facilities and in-person and remote training of government institutions and agencies in Ukraine. These engagements will enhance the security of chemical facilities in Ukraine to fortify Ukraine’s critical chemical infrastructure by devising a dedicated methodology for assessing the vulnerabilities inherent in these facilities.


The selected SME(s) will assume a multifaceted role, with their primary focus on conducting comprehensive on-site security vulnerability assessments. These assessments are geared towards the detection and mitigation of potential security threats. Within this framework, the SME(s) will provide actionable recommendations to reinforce protection, particularly against threats from foreign actors.

Furthermore, selected SME(s) will play a pivotal role in knowledge dissemination, providing specialized training to stakeholders in the chemical industry, state regulatory bodies, and academia. The primary aim of this training is to enhance comprehension and practical skills in evaluating critical chemical infrastructure and equip stakeholders to adeptly identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, particularly in high-risk facilities.

The scope of these engagements extends to various types of facilities, encompassing state-owned chemical entities, as well as smaller to medium-sized private industrial sites, all of which are susceptible to security risks. The overarching objective is to bolster security measures and impart expertise in chemical facility security by embedding subject matter experts within the Government of Ukraine.