CRDF Global thanks the following government agencies, foundations, corporations and individual donors for their financial support and donations:

Foundations, Corporations and Foreign Organizations

U.S. Government Agencies

Event Sponsors

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The following individuals have contributed to the CRDF Global George Brown Award for International Scientific Cooperation:

  • Norm Augustine
  • Barbara and Craig Barrett
  • Sam and Diane Bodman
  • Cathleen Campbell
  • Dona Crawford
  • Jaleh Daie and Roger Wyse
  • Nicholas M. Donofrio
  • William H. Draper, III
  • Farouk El-Baz
  • Howard Frank
  • Robert W. Galvin
  • Irma Gigli
  • Malcolm Gillis
  • Vartan Gregorian
  • Margaret Hamburg and Peter Brown
  • Chad Holliday
  • Franklin and Catherine Johnson
  • David Kay
  • Henry Kissinger
  • Paul Longsworth
  • Bruce and Amy Mehlman
  • Barry Mills
  • Gordon E. Moore
  • John Moore
  • Rodney Nichols
  • Gil Omenn and Martha Darling
  • Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker
  • Anne C. Petersen
  • Peter G. Peterson
  • Victor Rabinowitch
  • David Rockefeller
  • Roger and Vicki Sant
  • Jim and Marilyn Simons
  • William Wulf and Anita Jones