Procurement & RFPs

Subject Matter Experts on Radiological and Nuclear Critical Infrastructure Protection, Virtual and In-Person Engagements

Submission Deadline

Thursday, November 23 2023 6pm (UTC+02:00)


CRDF Global is seeking Ukrainian subject matter experts (hereafter “SMEs”) with experience developing and delivering instructions, both virtually and in person, to government, academia and private sector stakeholders on security of radiological and nuclear facilities in Ukraine.  These engagements will enhance the capacities of the critical infrastructure workforce to address and mitigate risks from insider threats at nuclear and radiological facilities.


The Ukrainian subject matter expert will provide overall organizational support, facilitate virtual and in-person engagements focusing  on insider threat identification and mitigation at facilities and organizations with access to high-activity radiological material and develop   technical virtual and workshop materials. In addition, the SME will engage in knowledge-sharing activities with participants in consultation and with guidance from CRDF staff and governmental stakeholders.