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Seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with Experience in Security Vulnerability Assessments

Submission Deadline

Thursday, December 01 2022


CRDF Global organizes a wide variety of programming centered around chemical security – including online training modules, multi-language presentations, and educational discussions – for a global audience. As such, CRDF Global requires on-going, flexible, and lasting partnerships with experts in the field.


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) with experience in Security Vulnerability Assessments, including identification and mitigation of security threats and vulnerabilities, to provide capacity-building trainings for chemical industry, regulatory agencies, and academia audiences to improve participant knowledge and practical skills to properly identify and mitigate vulnerabilities at high-risk facilities that contain dual-use chemicals. Engagements will seek to identify vulnerabilities at chemical laboratories, small to medium size industrial facilities, and other at-risk facilities to enhance security and prevent non-state actors from acquiring weaponizable assets.