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Seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) With Experience Developing & Delivering Instruction in Chemical Security to University Faculty

Submission Deadline

Thursday, September 29 2022


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) with experience developing and delivering instruction to university faculty on best practices in chemical security in university/research laboratories. This engagement will support Moroccan and Tunisian university faculty and staff to strengthen human capacity building in North African institutions. This workshop will enable participants to develop chemical security units to secure dual-use chemicals, strengthen chemical inventory management procedures, and reduce the risk of chemical diversion.


The subject matter expert (SME) hereby referred to as “The Contractor” will develop course materials for the training series and present the course materials during the workshop as an SME. The SME will be responsible for developing four or more presentations with one or more interactive activity or table-top exercise for Moroccan and Tunisian university faculty on chemical security. The SME will travel to Rabat, Morocco for the workshop. The SME will facilitate discussions at the workshop on assigned topics, participate in the conference as a speaker, and participate in brief speaker/organization meetings on the day prior to the workshop as well as daily at the conclusion of the workshop