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Seeking SME(s) on Enhancing Capacity of Southeast Asian Chemical Distributors to Restrict Terrorist and State Proliferator Access

Submission Deadline

Wednesday, March 01 2023


CRDF Global will support one two-day hybrid workshop in Bangkok, Thailand to engage e-commerce policymakers, law enforcement officers and regulators, industry leaders, and other personnel from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan. This workshop will improve both regulation and voluntary industry initiatives across sectors in an effort to promote secure purchases and prevent chemicals of concern from being traded online. The workshop will illustrate the risks involved with online chemical weapon supply chains, provide training on the rapidly evolving and disparate typologies employed by these diverse threat actors, and educate participants on risk mitigation strategies. Participants will be equipped with skills to create a more secure online market for chemicals, learn how to identify and prevent e-commerce sanctions violations, and identify chemicals of concern in e-commerce.


materials for the workshop and present the course materials during the workshop as an SME. The Contractor will be awarded a contract based on the following completion and submission of the tasks and their deliverables outlined below: