Procurement & RFPs

Seeking Experts on Cybersecurity and/or Critical Infrastructure Protection

Submission Deadline



critical infrastructure protection in a collaborative setting of government, academia, public and private
sectors stakeholders in order to meet the funder’s goals.
To implement the projects in the appropriate manner and to accomplish projects tasks, CRDF Global
cybersecurity projects teams are seeking for services and support from local Subject Matter Expert.
Above mentioned subject matter expert tasks would be mostly concentrated on providing certain exact
cyber security and/or critical infrastructure protection advising services for the project activities implemented
by providing guidance and support. The expert will deliver that in a manner aligned with CRDF Global project
goals and objectives and customers specific requirements.


Scope & Tasks:
RFP Subject Matter Expertise: Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection
The selected subject matter expert(s) (hereafter, “SMEs”) would be expected to provide contracted services such
as, but not limited to: