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Cybersecurity Improvement Grants for Сentral Governmental Authorities and Сapacity Building Institutions of Ukraine

Submission Deadline

Wednesday, June 19 2024


CRDF Global is currently accepting proposals from Сentral Governmental Authorities and Capacity Building Institutions of Ukraine (hereafter – potential applicants) for the Competition titled as ‘Cybersecurity Improvement Grants for Сentral Governmental Authorities and Capacity Building Institutions of Ukraine (the Competition). This Competition is organized and administered by CRDF Global, utilizing funding provided by the U.S. Department of State.

Cybersecurity Improvement Grants for Сentral Governmental Authorities and Capacity Building Institutions of Ukraine (CySIG) are designated to address current and emerging challenges in the cybersecurity field. Their aim is to improve cybersecurity measures, resilience of cybersecurity systems within these institutions, ensure the reliability, confidentiality, and accessibility of information, and mitigate the risks of cyberattacks and other cyber threats. These grants target strengthening cybersecurity in government institutions by implementing cutting-edge technologies, providing support services to potential applicants to identify and prevent potential cyber threats, instilling confidence in the resilience of their information systems and networks against possible cyberattacks, and contributing to the enhancement of infrastructure and protective methods. They involve creating or enhancing existing information protection systems, as well as providing professionals working in the cybersecurity field of these institutions with opportunities to acquire skills and knowledge for engaging with international communities and key donors. This includes exchanging best practices, studying international standards, allowing more effective collaboration, and implementing advanced approaches in partnership with these entities. This component will expand the utilization skills of available international resources, contributing to the elevation of cybersecurity levels in

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Goals & Objectives
As a result of implementation of grants under this Request for Proposals, the following goals and objectives
will be pursued:

(1) Increase the level of cybersecurity and the resilience of cybersecurity systems of Сentral Governmental Authorities and Capacity Building Institutions of Ukraine.
(2) Contribute to the development and/or improvement of existing information and cyber infrastructure of these institutions by providing necessary resources (services, equipment, hardware, and software).
(3) Enhance the skills and knowledge level of professionals involved in the field of cybersecurity of these institutions to study international standards in the sphere of cybersecurity and cyber defense and utilize available international professional information resources.


Problem statement

In the context of the full-scale war by Russia, Ukrainian governmental institutions and authorities of Ukraine have been confronting significant challenges, including cyber-attacks, disinformation campaign that threaten their security and operation stability. These challenges have created a pressing need for Ukraine to bolster its cybersecurity measures and resilience, counter disinformation efforts, and protect critical infrastructure, ensuring the continued functioning and security of governmental institutions and vital sectors during this time of the war.

In the context of this competition, it is important to note the significant shortage of technical equipment and software in Ukrainian governmental institutions, which significantly complicates the process of protecting these institutions from cyber threats and other cyberattacks. The absence of adequate tools and programs can compromise the resilience and effectiveness of data and infrastructure protection, thereby increasing vulnerability to modern cyber threats.

It’s worth mentioning that such a critical need exists not only in improving cybersecurity systems but also in developing communication skills among professionals working in state institutions and critical enterprises. The lack of these key skills limits their ability to effectively communicate with international representatives and adapt to modern cybersecurity requirements, which can complicate the successful protection of crucial systems in the face of contemporary threats.

Addressing these issues requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach to ensuring the national security of Ukrainian governmental institutions and state-owned critical infrastructure enterprises. Such an approach will not only develop the technical aspects of cybersecurity but also ensure effective communication and collaboration with international experts, which is crucial for successfully protecting critical infrastructure in the current landscape of cyber threats.

Eligible Scope of Projects

For the purposes of this Competition, applicants should propose projects in the following areas:

  • Cybersecurity and improvement of the material-technical base for its provision.
  • Data protection and threat analysis.
  • Coordination and enhancement of access to international analytical resources for information exchange.
  • Legislative work and standardization in the cybersecurity field.

Given the areas outlined above, project activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Provision of necessary resources (equipment, services, hardware, and software).
  • Optimization and improvement of processes/systems of cybersecurity for the grantee in the aforementioned areas.
  • Implementation of recommended updates and/or security measures in Сentral Governmental Authorities and Capacity Building Institutions of Ukraine.
  • Enhancement of qualification skills in the field of cybersecurity for employees of Сentral Governmental Institutions and Authorities of Ukraine.

Proposed solutions/project activities need to address/include the following:

  • Provide a detailed description of the problem statement and potential solutions that will help to reduce the risk of cyber incidents and enhance cybersecurity systems.
  • Identify which critical resources and/or confidential information will be protected as a result of implementing activities under this grant and provide justification for the necessity of protection.
  • Provide the expected outcomes of the grant implementation.
  • Provide a breakdown of equipment/services/software/materials, specifically: key specifications and quantities of each product with references to similar models and brands of equipment.
  • Specify cost breakdowns, justifying the suitability of this brand and product model (calculations in Ukrainian Hryvnia with the equivalent amount in US dollars, including value-added tax (VAT), shipping costs, and installation expenses).
  • Provide at least one (1) commercial offer from a potential vendor who is ready to supply the services and /or equipment within the requested items as specified in your application.
  • Submit a resume (CV) of the Principal Investigator (project coordinator).

* If potential applicants require a specific brand and model of equipment based on their experience and understand that only this model can meet their technical needs, they should provide substantive and detailed justification for this requirement. Provide examples of the technical advantages of this equipment specifically for accomplishing the tasks outlined in the applicant’s project.


All applicants and proposals must meet each of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applications are accepted from Сentral Governmental Authorities and Capacity Building Institutions of Ukraine which may be vulnerable to potential cyber threats or other cyber incidents.
  • Applicants have provided a clear formulation of the problem statement and justified the necessity of acquiring equipment/services/software.
  • Applicants have presented a clear breakdown of the necessary equipment/services/software.
  • Applicants have submitted at least one commercial offer from a potential vendor who is ready to supply the services and/or equipment as specified in your application.
  • Applicants have submitted a complete set of required documents in English only.
NOTE: CRDF Global reserves the right to decline review and evaluation of the applications which do not meet eligibility requirements stipulated above.



Review Process

All proposals and information contained therein will remain confidential prior to the award and will be screened for eligibility and completeness upon receipt by CRDF Global. All eligible proposals will be subjected to a technical review process. CRDF Global will use the criteria described below to evaluate the merit of each proposal and make award recommendations. CRDF Global will select finalists based on the proposal’s overall rating and these recommendations.

CRDF Global will conduct a review of eligible proposals in accordance with local legislation and established policies of the organization. Following these reviews, CRDF Global will select proposals for award and notify PIs and/or designated contact point of award results via e-mail.

NOTE: All awards are subject to the availability of funding from program sponsors. All decisions by CRDF Global are final.


Evaluation Criteria

The following evaluation criteria will be applied while review and evaluation of each proposal:

1. Proposal’s   Relevance      and     Potential


30 points
·         Relevance and impact on cybersecurity: Justification and detailing of how the project will help to improve cybersecurity systems and information resilience.


2. The need for equipment/software and/or provision of services. 30 points
·         Specify a clear formulation of the problem and rationale for the necessity of acquiring specific equipment/services/software for the grant recipient. Explain how this assistance will be integrated into the existing cybersecurity system of the institution.


3. Clarity, Feasibility and Sufficient Details

of Suggested Activities

20 points
·         The application has a clearly defined objective in providing resources (equipment/services/software/materials). How the provided assistance will impact the cost-effectiveness of the institution’s cybersecurity system in the future.
4. Cost Effectiveness                 20 points
·         Sufficient level of details in provided budget and justification in the budget narrative.
TOTAL SCORE 100 points



Full Proposal Submission

All proposals must be submitted no later than June 19, 2024.

At the conclusion of the electronic submission process, applicants will receive a confirmation message from CRDF Global.

Proposal application materials submitted to CRDF Global must be prepared in English and the proposal package should consists of the following documents:

  1. Proposal Application (PA) Form (Excel spreadsheet) that includes:
    1. Proposal Cover Page
    2. Institutional Data Form
    3. Project Overview
    4. Scope of Work
    5. Workplan
    6. Budget
    7. Budget Narrative

II. CV of Principal investigator (project coordinator responsible for project implementation).

III. One Commercial Offer from potential vendor.

For questions about the submission process, please contact the CRDF Global Staff at:

Estimated Timetable

May, 2024

May 29th Competition Opens

June, 2024

June 7th Q&A Session

June, 2024

June 19th Submission Deadline