CRDF Global Signs MOU with Ministry of Veterans Affairs in Ukraine

CRDF Global is proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Veterans Affairs in Ukraine on January 22, which solidified a strategic partnership dedicated to implementing a comprehensive professional development program under the Cyber Defenders program.

This collaboration between CRDF Global and the Ministry of Veterans Affairs underscores a commitment to empowering Ukrainian veterans with cutting-edge skills and support for successful integration into the cybersecurity sector.

Aligned with the U.S. Department of State’s overarching initiative to address cyber threats in Ukraine, this program represents a pivotal step in fortifying the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities. The support from the U.S. Department of State’s Office of European Assistance Coordination (EUR/ACE) not only emphasizes the global importance of this endeavor but also ensures its strategic and financial backing.

The multifaceted Cyber Defenders program comprises two primary components – cybersecurity education and social adaptation. Through the four focus areas of cybersecurity training and theoretical framework, English language training, career counseling, and psychosocial support, the initiative aims not only to equip veterans with technical expertise, but also to address the broader spectrum of challenges they may face during their transition to civilian life.

Mykhailo Verych, Regional Director of CRDF Global in Ukraine, emphasized the holistic nature of the program during the memorandum signing, highlighting that it goes beyond technical skills acquisition. “It stands as a beacon of support for veterans, facilitating their full reintegration into civilian life and opening doors to successful careers in the dynamic field of cybersecurity within the public sector,” he said.

Minister Yulia Laputina, leading the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, expressed the crucial role played by practical projects involving her ministry in the overall reintegration process. She emphasized that veterans participating in this initiative gain not only new career prospects in cybersecurity but also experience positive transformations in their professional and social lives.

By engaging in this collaborative initiative, Ukrainian veterans are not only securing new career pathways in a vital field, but are also contributing significantly to the overall cyber resilience of the nation. The program serves as a bridge between the invaluable skills possessed by veterans and the pressing need for enhanced cybersecurity measures, offering government agencies and private companies in Ukraine a unique opportunity to tap into the expertise of these skilled individuals to counter cyber threats effectively. Through these collective efforts, the partnership seeks to foster positive change, both for the veterans involved and the broader cybersecurity landscape in Ukraine.

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