CRDF Global Brings Together Science, Tech, Government and Industry Leaders to Celebrate International Science & Tech Cooperation at Annual Gala, November 18

CRDF Global is excited to announce sponsorship and event updates for its 2015 Annual Awards Gala – a fun and inspirational event that spotlights critical work in international science engagement. The annual Gala, themed, “Reflect & Progress,” will celebrate how international scientific and technical collaboration is improving lives. The Gala will be held at The Decatur House on Lafayette Square, Washington, DC, November 18. It will also commemorate the 20th anniversary of CRDF Global, an independent nonprofit organization that promotes cross-borders collaboration through grants, technical resources, training and services.
CRDF Global announces the Gold Sponsors for the Gala: The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Kavli Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies have each given $25,000. They join Platinum Sponsor DuPont; Silver Sponsor Council on Competitiveness; and Bronze Sponsors American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Sapere Wealth Management, Ms. Cathleen Campbell, Mr. Vint Cerf, Ms. Dona Crawford, Mr. William Draper, Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Hurley, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Longsworth, Ms. Catherine Mannick, Dr. Rod Nichols, Dr. Gil Omenn and Mrs. Martha Darling, Dr. Ray Orbach, and Dr. Anne C. Petersen.
Dr. Peter Agre will receive this year’s George Brown Award for International Scientific Cooperation. Dr. Agre will be honored for his work advancing international collaboration in science and medicine. He received the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, alongside Dr. Roderick MacKinnon. He is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor and Director of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. He has led multiple science diplomacy visits of American scientists to North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar/Burma and Iran. Lois Quam, Chief Operating Officer at The Nature Conservancy, will introduce Agre.
CRDF Global will also present DuPont with the Corporate Impact Award, in honor of the company’s commitment to science collaborations and finding solutions to global challenges. Executive Vice President James C. Borel will accept the honor. Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn, President, The World Food Prize, will introduce Borel.
“We are very grateful to our sponsors for their generous tributes to this important work,” said CRDF Global President and CEO Cathy Campbell. “It is a great pleasure to celebrate our shared achievements with the community that cares so deeply about international science and innovation, and to honor the commitments of Peter and DuPont. Together, we look forward to a brighter global future shaped by the power of international scientific and technical collaboration to improve lives,” said Campbell.  
CRDF Global has also announced the honorary chair is Walter F. Mondale, 42nd Vice President of the United States, and former U.S. Senator. He is joined by a special 20th Anniversary Honorary Committee, led by Ms. Dona Crawford, Dr. Gloria Duffy, Dr. John H. Moore, Dr. Peter Raven, and Dr. William Wulf.
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