Abier Amarin, CRDF Global Jordan Office Director, Discusses Scientific Diplomacy in Scientific American

CRDF Global Jordan Director, Abier Amarin has been mentioned in a piece by Mandë Holford and Tolu Oni on scientific diplomacy for Scientific American.  Holford and Oni discuss information gathered at the World Science Forum in Jordan.  They believe that it is imperative for early career investigators in all STEM fields to create sets of tools to communicate in scientific diplomacy.  Scientific communication, resilience, creating opportunities, building partnerships, and leveraging resources were identified by Holford and Oni as the five most critical skills needed to successfully communicate in scientific diplomacy.  Amarin highlighted leveraging resources while at the World Science Forum, outlining how scientists can utilize programs that CRDF Global offers, to gain funding in regions where resources are scarce.
Amarin leads CRDF Global’s office in Amman, Jordan, where she focuses on building the capacity of scientists and researchers from isolated countries and helps to increase the amount of research that is being directed towards critical regional issues.
CRDF Global believes collaborating scientifically across borders will help solve today’s global challenges.  
Read Mandë Holford and Tolu Oni’s piece here: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/diplomacy-for-scientists/