Code of Conduct


CRDF Global is an organization founded to facilitate collaboration among civilians with the goal of creating a better, safer world. As we have evolved, the strength we have built and the impact we have made is derived from acting in accordance with our values. First and foremost, we care for each other, and that care guides us to do the right thing, with excellence. 

At CRDF Global, we apply our values to our decision-making, our work product, our treatment of each other and our behavior in the workplace. We have built our identity and reputation around the world around our core values, which unite our teams around the world. 

We know that the most urgent global challenges are best addressed by a global team, comprised of members with different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives, communicating clearly in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our ability to achieve our customers’ mission rests on applying clear judgment, acting ethically, and complying with legal guidelines in an atmosphere of transparency and accountability. 

This Code of Conduct summarizes our applied values and reflects our commitment to our customers, each other, and ourselves. Individually and together, we do the right thing even when it is hard. 

I hold everyone responsible for acting in accordance with the high ethical standards reflected in these values, starting with myself and the senior leadership team and extending through all our roles, in all our locations. 

Michael Dignam, CEO

Explore our Policies

  •  We comply with laws and regulations, wherever we are in the world. 
  • Legal Services Policy: We strictly comply with all applicable laws in the jurisdictions where we conduct business and rely on expert legal advice as needed. 
  • Export Control Compliance Policy: We only engage in business activity or transfers that are licensed or expressly permitted under export laws. If any of us is aware of a prohibited activity, we are all liable for the violation. Consult a Compliance Officer to be sure of what is controlled. 
  • Prohibition on Trafficking in Persons Policy: CRDF Global is committed to human rights. We have zero tolerance for trafficking in persons, solicitation or obtaining any commercial sex act, use of debt bondage, use of slave or forced labor, or use of child labor. We ensure the same of our partners and suppliers.
  • Bioethics Policies: We review any projects that involve humans, animals, or genomes before, during, and after the work to ensure and document that they comply with regulations that protect the wellbeing of living creatures.
  • We avoid situations of improper influence. 
  • Personal Conflict of Interest Policy: We do not engage in employment, volunteer work, or consulting that creates conflicts with obligations to CRDF Global. Any exceptions must receive prior approval, in-advance and in writing from the Vice President of Talent Management and the employee’s manager.  
  • Gifts and Gratuities Policy: CRDF Global’s personnel, contractors, and representatives will not accept or provide gifts, gratuities, or entertainment with the intent to sway CRDF Global or any organization in favor of a particular customer, vendor, or consultant.  
  • Organizational Conflict of Interest Policy: We avoid situations that cloud impartiality or offer unfair competitive advantages.
  • We compete fairly; We do not tolerate bribery or corruption.  
  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy: We have zero tolerance for corruption and bribery: we simply do not improperly influence others. Seek guidance from General Counsel or Risk Management & Compliance and use the hotline (1-888-475-0450 or 
  • Business Development Policy: We do not illegally obtain or disclose bid, proposal, or selection information. 
  • We partner only with those who also follow these standards.
  • Procurement Policy: When obtaining goods or services for ourselves or others, we act ethically, comply with all applicable laws, use competition whenever possible, and prioritize diversity. We require the same of our partners and suppliers.  
  • Participant Code of Conduct: All participants in CRDF Global programs and events are expected to treat others respectfully and professionally.  
  • We keep accurate records.
  • Record Retention Policy: We keep records to comply with requirements, and then destroy them in a secure fashion. 
  • Evidence Preservation Policy: When an incident, dispute, litigation, government investigation, or other legal requirement makes it necessary, we will retain all related information until the issue is resolved. The Security Officer will notify staff when this occurs, and what information is to be preserved.   
  • Timekeeping Policy: We record our time promptly based on actual activity.  
  • Financial Integrity Policy: We apply utmost responsibility in safeguarding and accounting for our own and our funders’ assets. Our financial statements are truthful and accurate. We do not conceal information from managers or auditors. We do not tolerate fraud or misrepresentation.  
  • We hold ourselves accountable.
  • Reporting and Investigation Policy: We report and impartially investigate suspected misconduct. We do not retaliate. We take action to resolve findings.
  • We maintain a customer focus and insist on meeting our commitments.  
  • Program Management Policy: We use an integrated service delivery model and program management framework to understand, communicate, and deliver on customer missions. Everyone contributes to program success. We apply tailored industry standard best practices. 
  • We communicate clearly to build trust and teamwork.  
  • Public Relations, Media, and Social Media Policy: We thoughtfully use external media to inform the public about our work, recruit talent, and attract new partners. Unbiased and nonpartisan, we protect sensitive information and behave in alignment with our values 
  • Marketing & External Communications Policy: We express our values in what and how we communicate. Through our communication, we execute our mission, foster positive relationships, respect our stakeholders, adhere to ethical standards, encourage engagement, facilitate our growth, and positively increase awareness about our brand.  
  • We continuously improve, embracing mistakes and emphasizing innovation.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Policy: Our proposals, programs, and functions clearly identify, measure, document, and learn from our results, whether positive or negative, direct or indirect, intended or unintended. 
  • Quality Policy: We deliver excellence by meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. To reflect quality in everything we do, we apply a quality framework to all our activities. 
  • We empower people to make good decisions so we can consistently deliver to our customers.  
  • Policy Management Policy: We document and communicate our policies, processes, and procedures in a standard way and in a shared location. In them, we balance standardization with localization; updates reflect continuous improvement. 
  • We protect the information entrusted to us. 
  • Security Awareness Policy: We understand the risks and threats facing us, remain vigilant, and proactively address them.  
  • Business Sensitive Information Policy: We safeguard sensitive information via categorization, labeling, storage, access controls, disclosure authorization, and disposal.   
  • Data Privacy Policy: We manage personal data responsibly and securely, using it only with valid legal reasons. We comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
  • IT Acceptable Use Policy: We only use CRDF Global information resources for appropriate and authorized purposes. 
  • We collaborate, emphasizing diversity, integrity, and inclusiveness.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Policy: Our workforce and partnerships echo the global communities we serve, and we are respectful, inclusive, collaborative, and accessible for all. Our strategies reflect and transparently track DEIA principles. Robust policies and practices address any discrimination or harassment.
  • Workplace Relationships Policy: All workplace relationships are business-like and free of unlawful bias, prejudice, and harassment. People with romantic, sexual, familial, or cohabitant relationships cannot be in a supervisory relationship.
  •  We are committed to a safe, respectful work environment.
  • Safe Workplace Policy: We treat each other respectfully and professionally, and promote diversity in the workplace. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or violence of any kind. We do not tolerate illegal drugs nor the abuse of legal controlled substances.  
  • Travel Risk Management Policy: We maintain our safe, respectful workplace and professional behavior while traveling.

When we see or suspect an exception to these behaviors, we raise it, investigate it, and address it.  

  • Report via Ethics and Compliance hotline: 1-888-475-0450,, or Siri Oswald, Vice President of Talent Management & Administration. 
  • Strictly no retaliation is tolerated at CRDF Global.