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There are talented scientists and innovators everywhere, but some lack the tools and resources they need to impact their communities and collaborate around the world. Our distinctive expertise, networks and approaches integrate scientists and innovators into the global community. We empower communities to address challenges that affect individuals locally, regionally, and around the world.  

Our track record shows our ability to engage the scientific community in complex regions and on a variety of scientific topics in a transparent, flexible, and adaptable way.  While our initial efforts focused on Eurasia, we understand the global applicability of our mission and capabilities and have expanded our efforts to over 40 countries including those in the Middle East and North Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We advance our geographical reach because we believe that international cooperation provides crucial benefits to the global community.  Furthermore, scientists and innovators speak a common language and share values that breakdown barriers and the more that we can create an engaged and collaborative scientific community, the more that mankind will benefit.