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Tech Commercialization in Kazakhstan

Abdilda Shamenov, Senior Manager with the TCC project


Tech Commercialization in Kazakhstan

Innovation is a key component to any modern economy. In 2015, CRDF Global concluded a joint project funded by the government of Kazakhstan and the World Bank to boost innovation in Kazakhstan through technology commercialization. Since 2013, CRDF Global has worked closely with Kazakhstan, the World Bank, IC² Institute at the University of Texas, and Exoventure Associates, LLC to create a new technology commercialization center (TCC) in Kazakhstan.

The TCC was designed to build direct and indirect links with industry, academia, investors, startups, government agencies, service providers, media partners and other influencers and decision makers.

CRDF Global brought in experts to develop the TCC’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. We also developed its operational structure and hired, trained, and supervised seven TCC managers. The most valuable aspect of this project has been the regular knowledge transfer between CRDF Global experts and the TCC staff. The constant “know how” sharing related to commercialization of technologies, protection and licensing of IP, company formation, fundraising methods, grant design and implementation process occurred on a daily basis for 27 months. 

In addition to establishing the TCC, CRDF Global helped to form new policies and a professional association to support tech commercialization. We worked alongside local partners to create the first Association of Technology Commercialization Professionals in Kazakhstan and collaborated with a local IP expert to draft a law on commercialization signed into law by President Nursultan Nazarbayev on October 31, 2015.

The TCC has supported 33 grant-based projects in a diverse array of industries, including pharmacogenomics, robotics, oil and gas, and IT. Five of these projects generated at total of $2,639,050 in sales revenue in less than a year.