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Seeking Subject Matter Experts on Conducting Open Source Investigations and Exposing Illicit Networks Contributing to the Proliferation of Weapons

--- UPDATED on April 28, 2021 ---

CRDF Global is seeking a subject matter expert, or subject matter expert team, specializing in conducting open source investigations on government corruption and exposing illicit networks which contribute to the proliferation of weapons to sanctioned entities. In collaboration with other experts identified by CRDF Global, the subject matter expert(s) would develop online training materials and co-lead a virtual workshop in June 2021.

The training curriculum will be focused on uncovering illicit networks, proxy groups, and individuals which violate international sanctions by procuring and selling military goods, such as advanced conventional weapons, to sanctioned entities. The primary stakeholders for this training will be investigative journalists and media professionals from Algeria, Guinea, South Africa, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The subject matter expert will highlight the media’s role in identifying and exposing these networks which seek to profit from the proliferation of advanced conventional weapons. The subject matter expert(s) will cover practical tools and methodologies journalists can use to conduct open source investigations. They will also provide specific case studies and real-world examples from recent investigations in eastern Europe or Africa which successfully exposed government corruption related to the procurement of weapons, or other military goods and services.

Submission Deadline: 5:00 PM EDT,  May 13, 2021

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