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RFP-13-UA-2022 - Data Engineer for MOSAIC Counterproliferation Data Integration Project

CRDF Global is seeking data engineers(s) with experience cleaning and working with large diverse data sets, familiarity with IBM Analyst’s Notebook, and knowledge of financial and foreign entities. The data engineer(s) will access, migrate, and prepare data collected from various partnered implementing organizations using the top tier of the IBM Analyst’s Notebook software provided by CRDF Global in order to create a virtual data exploration environment. This will support CRDF Global and its partner’s Financial Chilling Action Plan (FCAP) and Russia Chemical Biological Threats (R-CBT) programming by helping to produce impactful data products, identifying trends, and supporting more accurate stakeholder targeting among the financial, logistics, government, and technical sectors worldwide to improve intervention in proliferation networks. Analysis will draw from and support the MOSAIC (Multi Open-Source Analysis & Information Catalog) initiative.

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Deadline for proposals submission:  6:00 PM (EEST), May 28, 2022.

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