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RFP-09-UA-2022 - Subject Matter Expert(s) on Counterproliferation Finance and Russian Chemical/Biological Threats

CRDF Global is seeking subject matter expert(s) (SMEs) to aid in the development and execution of a Financial Chilling Action Plan (FCAP) to ensure that the biological, biotechnology, chemical, and pharmaceutical (BBCP) industries do not knowingly or unknowingly supply chemical and biological materials, equipment, supplies, other dual use materials and that the financial industry does not provide financial support to Russian chemical and biological weapons (CBW)-associated programs. To date, the US government (USG) Departments of Commerce, State, and Treasury have listed 19 entities associated with Russian CBW proliferation. SMEs will use open-source research to uncover BBCP industry supply chains and their financing across CBW proliferation networks developed and used by the Russian government, and then share this knowledge via a series of targeted engagements and trainings for the global BBCP and financial sectors to ‘chill’ these CBW-related procurement activities. The FCAP will specifically target public and private companies, subsidiaries, shell companies, and other relevant entities that directly or indirectly conduct business with current and potential future entities that are officially listed and/or sanctioned by USG entities for being associated with CBW proliferation by the Russian government. This FCAP will help raise awareness and strengthen the global BBCP and financial sectors’ CBW-related compliance programs and encourage adherence to international legal standards and nonproliferation norms.

CRDF Global is seeking SMEs with experience in:

A)    RESEARCH: Using open source research to investigate i) supply chain links and networks between BBCP industry players and any of the 19 current and any future entities officially sanctioned or designated as being involved in Russian CBW proliferation by the US government (USG), principally by the US Departments of Commerce, State, and Treasury; and ii) utilization of the legitimate international financial system to evade sanctions and contribute to chemical and biological weapons (CBW) proliferation. This will involve in depth research and network analysis as well as development of in-depth research products (reports, tip sheets, etc.) 

B)    DISSEMINATION/TRAINING: Leveraging OS research to develop training materials and platforms to disseminate this knowledge to BBCP and financial sectors.  This will include SME -led online trainings, institutional one-on-one capacity-building briefings, and two webinars – one for the financial industry and another for the biological, biotechnology, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical sectors.


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Deadline for proposals submission:  6:00 PM (EEST), May 30, 2022.


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