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RFP-07-UA-2022 - Subject Matter Expert (SME) to Lead Training on Cyber Supply Chain Security and Due Diligence to Mitigate the Misuse and Diversion of Dual-use Technologies

CRDF Global will deliver Cyber Supply Chain Security and Due Diligence Training for key stakeholders within European governmental, private, research, and academic institutions in the following countries:
- Croatia;
- Czech Republic;
- Georgia;
- Poland;
- Romania;
- Ukraine.

Training will be provided in institutions within sectors at risk of exploitation by actors for access to dual-use technologies in order to raise awareness of the numerous ways in which third party managed service providers, suppliers, vendors, and other institutional relationships and technical dependencies expose such technologies to threat actors.
CRDF Global will also hold introductory meetings with key government stakeholders to raise awareness of the threat and provide information on the training course.
For this purpose, CRDF Global seeks a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with expertise in the policy perspective of securing dual-use technologies and information from cyber theft.

Any inquiries regarding this RFP shall be forwarded to
The subject line of the email must read:
RFP-07-UA-2022 – Name of the Proponent – Request for clarification

Deadline for proposals submission:  6:00 PM (EEST), May 24, 2022.


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