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Dr. Orbach is a tenured professor with joint appointments at University of Texas at Austin’s Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering; the Department of Physics, College of Natural Sciences; and the Jackson School of Geosciences.From 2002-2009, Dr. Orbach was director of the Office of Science at the Department of Energy. As the department’s chief scientist, he was adviser to Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman for science policy and programs. He was responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing the Energy Department’s research and development programs, its 17 national laboratories, science and engineering education activities.
Dr. Orbach began his academic career as a postdoctoral fellow at Oxford University and became an assistant professor of applied physics at Harvard University. Dr. Orbach’s research in theoretical and experimental physics has resulted in the publication of more than 240 scientific articles, and he is a fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Dr. Orbach received a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the California Institute of Technology and a doctorate in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley.


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