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Global Issues

CRDF Global's fellowships and international exchange programs allow people representing a variety of fields to connect and collaborate with global counterparts to create lasting relationships
Our interconnected world means that diseases can spread faster than ever. Countries must work together to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious diseases that threaten our communities.
Innovative solutions to global challenges are everywhere, but they are not always brought to market effectively. Our programs enable technology entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to fruition.

Additional Global Issues

Women in Science

The underrepresentation of women in science stifles innovation, creativity, and research. We build opportunities for women to contribute their knowledge and expertise in communities around the world.

Public Health

We are dedicated to supporting public health research that promotes collaboration between scientists in the U.S. and abroad to better prevent, diagnose, and treat global diseases.

Chemical Security

Whether it is preventing the spread of chemical weapons or upgrading laboratories, we have a simple vision: keep people safe from chemicals and chemicals safe from people.

Nuclear Security

Advancing international peace and security by securing nuclear materials, combatting the proliferation of nuclear weapons, strengthening border management systems, and training future generations.