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Victor Rabinowitch Memorial Award for Young Leaders in International Scientific Cooperation



Victor Rabinowitch Memorial Award for Young Leaders in International Scientific Cooperation

Monday, May 31, 2021
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

In honor of Dr. Victor Rabinowitch, this award will recognize and support research, analysis, or organizational work of young leaders in international scientific cooperation.  Additionally, the award aims to encourage a younger generation's pursuit of opportunities to affect policy in these areas.

Three cash awards of six thousand dollars ($6,000) each, one in each of the following three focus areas, will recognize innovative and promising approaches to the solution of global problems in the following areas:

  • International science collaboration
  • Science for international development
  • Science for global security

Who Should Apply?

Early-career scientists who have received a Ph.D. or highest equivalent terminal degree within ten years preceding the application date.

What to Submit

The main body of the application will be an essay in the English language of three to ten pages describing an innovative and proven project or achievement promoting cooperation between or among scientists of different countries that the applicant will further develop with the awarded funds, as described in detail in the proposal.

Application Checklist

  • A completed and signed application form (attached to this announcement), submitted to
  • A CV of no more than five pages
  • Two professional references, to be sent separately to the above email
  • Any supplementary material such as photographs, charts, or videos are welcome but not required

Additional Requirements

Eighteen months after receiving the Award, each awardee shall submit a short description of the work performed with Award support, listing expenses, and specific outcomes. Any resulting publications or reports must include the following acknowledgment: “This work is supported by an Award for Young Leaders in International Scientific Cooperation from the Victor Rabinowitch Memorial Symposium made possible by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, CRDF Global, and private donors.”