Funding & Grants

Targeted Research, Innovation, and Direct Engagement (TRIDENT) Project for Ukrainian Nationals to Counter Russian Disinformation

Submission Deadline

Friday, June 30 2023


Thursday, January 26 2023


  • CRDF Global, on behalf of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction (ISN/CTR), will oversee a small-grants competition for organizations and individuals to leverage their open-source tools to conduct research and develop and deliver workshops that counter Russian malign influence, especially disinformation, to push back against Russian active measures seeking to undermine nonproliferation norms, cooperation, and/or regimes.
  • Research Grants are a one-time five-months awards of up to $10,000. Application documents include a completed application with supporting documents, planned budget, and CVs of all researchers on the team.
  • Technical solutions grants are a one-time five-months awards of up to $20,000. Application documents include a completed application with supporting documents, planned budget, and CVs of all researchers on the team.


Grant recipients will: 

  • Conduct research focusing on identifying, mapping, analyzing, and publicizing Russian disinformation networks. It will also focus on developing technical solutions to identify and counter Russian disinformation operations. Research topics are to cover, but are not limited to, Russian disinformation content-creators, use of botnets to amplify disinformation narratives, sanctioned Russian media sites that continue to access hosting services or generate revenue through advertising, how disinformation impacts perceptions related to identity and history, the impact disinformation has had on international nonproliferation cooperation, and other relevant topics.
  • Travel to international conferences to present research findings to foreign audiences may be available to grantees and will be determined through a competitive process.
  • Develop technical solutions, i.e., media campaigns focusing on identification and countering Russian disinformation or development of standard operating procedures (SOPs), training curriculums, and support to counter disinformation research.


  • Grant recipients must be nationals of Ukraine or partner with Ukrainian institutions.
  • Institutional and/or managerial approval is required for applications to be considered for this competition (template to be provided upon request).
  • Experience and/or background in countering disinformation projects and/or relevant topics within the civil society, academia, media, strategic communications, NGO, and scientific communities.

Application Materials

  • A completed application and supporting documents with all application sections filled out, including:
    • Fully completed application form and documents as required in the application.
      • A summary abstract with brief overview of the proposed research topic/question. The summary abstract should be double-spaced in 12-point font and no more than 200 words.
      • Proposed ways to disseminate research outcomes within the professional community (no word limit).
      • Summary of proposed methodology to conduct the research (no word limit).
      • A list of relevant references (no word limit).
    • The curriculum vitae (CV) for each individual on the research team.
    • Proposed detailed budget: the primary sheet of the budget should be used to fill out the project budget. Any Institutional support should be filled out in the CostShare tab.
    • Application materials and research products must be submitted in English (preferred) and/or Ukrainian.