Funding & Grants

Support for Nonproliferation-Related Counter-Disinformation Initiatives in Ukraine

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**A new round of funding for the grant competition is coming soon**

CRDF Global is expecting a new round of grant opportunities to support counter-disinformation initiatives that respond to malign influence campaigns that discredit longstanding nonproliferation norms and institutions in Ukraine. Funding will support efforts to identify Russian disinformation operations including websites, networked accounts on social media platforms, hosting services, and advertising agencies that enable purveyors of Russian disinformation to operate and generate revenue. Grants may also support the development of technical solutions for identifying and countering Russian disinformation operations. The details on application deadlines and grants amount will be announced in October.


  • Individuals with strong past performance conducting research, trainings, and other activities on countering disinformation are eligible to apply.
  • Grants will be issued to individuals or teams of individuals and institutional indirect costs will not be permitted. Institutional grants may be considered in rare cases with appropriate justification.
  • Grant recipients must be nationals of Ukraine.
  • Proposed projects must address disinformation related to nonproliferation norms and institutions; this may include COVID-19 disinformation efforts and its impacts on public health and national security.
  • Applications may be submitted in English or your preferred language.

Application Materials