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Russian Academic Network Building, Education and Exposure Program



Russian Academic Network Building, Education and Exposure Program

Monday, April 4, 2016
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

As part of its efforts to promote and support international collaboration in science and technology, CRDF Global is pleased to announce the 2016 Russian Academic Network Building, Education and Exposure Program (NBEE) that aims to create opportunities and environment for building research relationships and encourage academic exchange between Russian PhD students, and the U.S. and international science community.

CRDF Global will support grants for Russian PhD students to travel to the U.S. or Europe for 10-14 days to participate in short-term, planned and specific academic network building activities. During their visits, selected Russian PhD students will present their latest research to a wide audience, enrich their scientific knowledge by attending conferences and seminars and encounter opportunities to establish new contacts in their field.

Upon return to Russia, these PhD students will be in a better position to initiate and sustain long-term research collaborations that will build on the already strong relationship that exist between American and Russian scientists, and will lead to important innovations of the future. CRDF Global recognizes that as leaders in the field of natural sciences and engineering, the U.S., Europe and Russia must continue and enhance vital collaboration in order to solve the world’s most pressing problems of environmental sustainability, health promotion and disease prevention, and the alleviation of poverty through technological development.

Each Eligible Applicant must:

Be a citizen and a permanent resident of the Russian Federation;

Have advanced proficiency in English (focus on strong speaking skills to communicate directly with peers in the U.S. and Europe);

Be enrolled as a PhD student at a university in the Russian Federation;

Provide an institutional approval (Application Form signed by an authorized institution representative) for the applicant to participate in the program for 10-14 days during the program dates, if awarded;

Submit an approval from their supervisors (Letter of Support) along with their application.