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Iraq Biological Security Grant Competition



Iraq Biological Security Grant Competition

Thursday, June 15, 2017
Monday, May 15, 2017

CRDF Global is pleased to announce the Iraq Biological Security Grant Competition.

For detailed information on the competition and application requirements, please view the 2017 Program Announcement available in Word and PDF formats.

The goal of the competition is to provide support for biorisk management activities which may include laboratory design, repairs and maintenance of equipment, and upgrades for the physical and procedural security of laboratory, research and diagnostic facilities at academic and industrial institutions in Iraq. Grants are intended for equipment (including installation fees) and any trainings for staff related to equipment usage and maintenance, materials, and supplies that improve biological safety and security.


The grants will be administered by CRDF Global, an independent non-profit organization that promotes international scientific and technical collaboration.
All applications must be submitted in English to by 15 June, 2017 for consideration.
A complete application package includes:

  • Application File, available in Word and PDF formats;
  • Budget File;
  • Institute Letter of Support (LOS);
  • Partnering Institution Letter of Support (if applicable);
  • Quotes if including equipment or maintenance (3 total);
  • Brief Justification on why you selected the above quote; and
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Files.

*We have included an instructional video to provide guidance on how to properly and completely fill out the application. Please see the link provided – Biological Security Grant Competition Application Instructional Video.

Proposals including honorarium should include copies of valid passports for those requesting the honorarium.

Proposals requesting equipment and/or services totaling $3,500 USD each, or $3,500 USD combined from a single vendor, require the following, additional documentation:

  • Quotes from at least three, different, local and/or international vendors that have a demonstrated ability to ship to/work with (if necessary) your institution in Iraq; and
  • Brief justification detailing your vendor(s) selection for the quoted items if your application is approved.

There are three phases to application review and determination.
Phase one is an initial review for application completeness and suitability.
Phase two involves the evaluation of applications by a panel of experts. The applications will be evaluated on:

  • Biosecurity and Biosafety Impact;
  • Quality and Feasibility of the Project Implementation Plan;
  • Sustainability Potential;
  • Budget; and
  • Clarity and Completeness of Application.

Phase three is when CRDF Global will notify applicants when the finalists are selected during phase three. Finalists will be contacted and potentially awarded a grant, with a minimum value of $20,000 USD and up to $100,000 USD, for a three to 12-month contract.

Email the Iraq Biological Security Grant Team at with any questions.

We look forward to receiving your application!