Funding & Grants

Cyber Security Improvement Grants for Private, Research, and Academic Sectors in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Morocco 

Submission Deadline

Wednesday, November 30 2022


Sunday, May 01 2022


To enhance cyber security at organizations in order to secure dual-use or weapons proliferation-sensitive information.

  • CySIGs are CRDF Global-sponsored grants to secure proliferation-sensitive information and technology to prevent cybertheft from private, research and academic sectors in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Morocco.
  • CySIGs are a one-time award of up to $50,000 each.
  • The awards are implemented through CRDF Global.


CySIGs are open to applicants – academic, research (private and public), government-owned enterprises and government agencies, private companies from eligible countries that possess all from the listed criteria:

  • A citizen and consumer-oriented web-interface
  • An existing IT infrastructure appropriate for advanced security enhancements
  • Generate, hold and/or access dual-use, WMD-enabling and/or weaponizable information, data or technology related to artificial intelligence (AI) and associated fields (e.g. machine learning, neural networks), biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, and high-performance computing

Eligible countries: Georgia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Poland, Romania.

Application Materials

How to Apply: 

By email to

Award Amounts: 

Up to $50,000

Award Duration: 

Until February 28, 2023

Additional Information: 

For detailed information regarding the CySIG competition please visit: