Funding & Grants

Cyber Security Improvement Grant (CySIG)

Submission Deadline

Monday, November 07 2022


Thursday, June 09 2022


Obtaining the knowledge, skills, and tools for a successful cybersecurity program through a workshop needs to be augmented with capacity-building to implement recommended controls and safeguards. CRDF Global will award grants to research institutions and universities that have sent representatives to one of the workshops for equipment, — and associated installation fees — materials, and supplies that improve information and cyber security.

  • Cyber Security Improvement Grants are CRDF Global-sponsored grants to upgrade the level of information and cyber security at Academic & Research Institutions that match eligibility criteria
  • CySIGs are a one-time, one-year award of up to $30,000 each
  • The awards are implemented through CRDF Global


Applicants – Academic & Research Institutions – with areas of advanced research on topics such as:

•    Science and technology
•    Engineering (all types)
•    Social sciences
•    Medical
•    Computing
•    Navigation and Avionics
•    Propulsion Systems
•    Telecommunications and Information Security
•    Electronics

Eligible countries: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Armenia