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Countering Technology Transfer



Countering Technology Transfer

Saturday, July 31, 2021
Friday, May 7, 2021

CRDF Global will award grants in India to research institutions and individuals from research institutions to conduct a risk assessment of intellectual property threat to their institution, and develop a risk mitigation plan to address the threat. Grants are a one-time, six-month award of $7,500.


  • Applicants may apply individually or as a team.
  • Members of research team must be nationals of India who are affiliated with an academic institution from India.
  • Institutional approval is required for applications to be considered for this competition.

Application Materials:

  • A completed application and supporting documents with all application sections filled out, including:
    • A proposed action plan for conducting a risk assessment of intellectual property threats to their institution
    • Proposed detailed budget
    • The curriculum vitae (CV) and passport or state-issued ID card for each individual on the research team.
    • A list of relevant references.
  • Application materials and research products must be submitted in English.

CRDF Global will evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

  1. Policy relevance and impact:
    • Does the proposed project address concerns about intellectual property threats to research institutions?
  2. Sustainability and commitment
    • Does the applicant’s organization demonstrate commitment to the project by offering any complementary financial, logistical, and/or personnel support?
    • Ability to sustain the project and support research outcome dissemination after the grant ending period
  3. Clarity, feasibility, and detail
    • Is the project clearly outlined and possible to successfully accomplish? Can the project feasibly be completed during the grant period?
  4. Past performance
    • Do applicants have a track record of high-quality research on matters relating to responsible science & research ethics, science integrity, information security, data governance, responsible technology, institutional compliance, dual-use knowledge and technology, and intangible technology transfer?

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