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Bolstering National Research Centers in Southeast Asia and Brazil to Catalyze Norms that Prevent the Transfer of WMD-Applicable Technologies



Bolstering National Research Centers in Southeast Asia and Brazil to Catalyze Norms that Prevent the Transfer of WMD-Applicable Technologies

Friday, July 30, 2021
Thursday, April 15, 2021


CRDF will award grants in Southeast Asia region and Brazil to support research on topics relating to countering the transfer of technologies with WMD-applications. Topics will be chosen by the grantees, and examples are listed below. Grants are a one-time, eight-month award of up to $10,000.

Grantees will be expected to publish a research paper, present their research at events aimed at bringing broad attention to the research, supporting an online site for posting research findings (if it does not already exist), or support the researcher’s attendance and presentations at key national and international conferences to disseminate their work.

Research Scope:

Preventing the transfer of technologies with WMD-applications requires building public awareness within those scientific communities most targeted by nefarious state actors for their scientific and technological expertise, knowledge, methodologies, and even nascent-stage research. This effort seeks to advance international norms and best practices of free, fair, and transparent scientific exchange while increasing awareness of dual use and WMD-applicable research concerns for scientists from a broad array of disciplines, such as biology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and advanced computing (among others).

CRDF Global seeks applications for grants to fund innovative research that examines and proposes policy-oriented solutions to risks and challenges associated with transfer of WMD-applicable technologies and data proliferation in Southeast Asia and Brazil. Possible topics include:

-Risk assessment to identify and categorize WMD-applicable technologies, mechanisms of technology transfer, and a mitigation plan to prevent transfer of technologies with WMD-applications the East Asia region and Brazil.
-Strategies, plans, procedures, and administrative controls to protect against the theft, forced transfer, or predatory acquisition of critical information or technology.
-Strategies, plans, or mechanisms to enhance research security best practices, information, and knowledge security practices, data governance, and/or identifying and securing dual use research.
-Research on existing international best practices on responsible science & research ethics, science integrity, information security and data governance, and results from applied plans or programs to apply these to home institutions (e.g. training, guidance documents, standard operating procedures).


-Applicants may apply individually or as a team.
-Members of research team must be nationals of Brazil, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, or Singapore who are affiliated with an academic institution or professional association of scientists and researchers
-Institutional and/or managerial approval is required for applications to be considered for this competition

To apply, please download the application materials below and send completed documents to

For detailed information regarding general CRDF Global grant policies please visit:
For additional questions regarding the grant competition please email to