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Advanced Conventional Weapons Proliferation and Defense Procurement Decisions Research Grant Competition



Advanced Conventional Weapons Proliferation and Defense Procurement Decisions Research Grant Competition

Friday, April 30, 2021
Monday, April 5, 2021


  • CRDF will award funding to support research on topics relating to advanced conventional weapons proliferation.
  • Grants are a one-time, six-month award ranging from $2,000 to $8,000. CRDF Global reserves the right to refrain from awarding any grants.  
  • Grantees will be expected to publish a research paper of approximately 7,500 words, present their research at a remote conference in the winter of 2021, and assist in the development of research-based content for an interactive website.  

Research Scope:  
In addition to constituting a threat to international peace and security, the proliferation of advanced conventional weapons (ACW) poses substantial risks to the countries that acquire them. While proliferator states like China and Russia claim to sell effective ACW capabilities at a low cost, purchasers frequently encounter undisclosed financial and political costs, as well as sanctions risks.   

CRDF Global seeks applications for grants to fund new research that examines and proposes policy-oriented solutions to risks and challenges associated with ACW proliferation in Southeast Asia. Possible topics include:  

  • Preventing gray-zone conflicts, proxy wars, and privatization in the East Asia Pacific region.
  • Defending against the theft, forced transfer, or predatory acquisition of critical technology or companies by entities connected to the Chinese military.
  • Approaches to guard against the development of dual-use infrastructure designed to support and project Chinese military power.  
  • Identifying Russian and Chinese corruption methods in defense procurement.  
  • Regional approaches to coalition building to counter Chinese military expansion into contested spaces.  
  • The role of state-based disinformation in conflict escalation.  


  • Applicants may apply individually or as a team of no more than four researchers.  
  • Members of research team must be nationals of Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Laos, Thailand, or the Philippines.
  • Institutional approval is required for applications to be considered for this competition.

Application Materials:
A completed application form and supporting documents including:  

  • A one-page abstract stating a research question, a summary of the proposed methodology, and a brief review of existing literature on the topic. The abstract should be double-spaced in 12-point font.  
  • The curriculum vitae (CV) and passport or state-issued ID card for each individual on the research team.  
  • A list of relevant references.
  • Detailed Budget
  • Application materials and research products may be submitted in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Lao, Thai, or Tagalog.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria: 
A panel of subject matter experts will evaluate applications based on the following criteria.  

  1. Policy relevance and impact  
  2. Sustainability and commitment
  3. Clarity, feasibility, and detail
  4. Track record of high-quality research on matters relating to defense procurement and advanced conventional weapons proliferation:  

Additional Information: 
For detailed information regarding general CRDF Global grant policies please visit:
For additional questions regarding the grant competition please send an email to

Application Documents:
To apply, please download and complete the following application documents and submit to

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