Affiliated Expert, Strategic Trade Management

Scott Jones’ areas of expertise are WMD nonproliferation, export controls, sanctions, and economics.  Scott is also a principal at TradeSecure, LLC. a global advisory firm focused on export control, FDI, sanctions, and trade compliance solutions.  Previously, he served as Director at the University of Georgia’s Center for International Trade and Security and foreign affairs analyst at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  His current activities and interests include U.S. and Chinese security and defense policy, the socioeconomic impact of exponential technology, foreign direct investment and national security, and the security implications of evolving global supply chains. In addition, Scott regularly briefs U.S. and foreign government and private sector officials on a range of international trade and security issues. He speaks French and Russian fluently. He received his Ph.D. in international political economy at the University of Georgia and an MA at Lancaster University in the UK.


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