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Subject Matter Experts on Counterproliferation Finance and Chinese Defense Sector


Deadline (Modified): January 3, 2022


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter expert(s) (SMEs) with experience investigating Chinese defense sector networks which utilize the legitimate international financial system to evade sanctions and contribute to advanced conventional weapons (ACW) proliferation. The SME(s) will develop and lead online trainings and deliver in-depth research products and analysis to strengthen the global financial sector’s compliance programs and encourage adherence to international legal standards and counterproliferation finance norms. 


The expert(s) will conduct research and analysis on Chinese defense sector networks to develop a series of case studies, written reports, tip sheets, an email newsletter campaign, institutional briefings and online trainings for international financial regulators, law enforcement, and anti-money laundering and compliance professionals. The training curriculum and materials will highlight international legal standards, due diligence and Know-Your-Customer best practices, and risk mitigation strategies to strengthen institutional compliance programs to deter and prevent proliferation of Chinese ACW and related technology and components. The training will also cover the sanctions and reputational risks for financial institutions which facilitate transactions related to proliferation.



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