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Seeking video production vendors

CRDF Global seeks to engage contractors to provide quality video production services. CRDF Global requests proposals for project management services, on-site production services, and post-production services. Contractors can submit proposals for one, two, or all three types of services.

The contractor will provide video production services in one or more of the below categories:

  1. Project Management and Consulting:
    • Script-to-screen storyboarding and material design
    • Guidance on project technical guidance and production techniques
    • Pricing for planned or non-standard services
    • Procure and manage sub-vendor relationships as needed
    • Technical consulting and advisory services
  2. Field Production:
    • Field Production / On-site Recording in Washington, DC and/or Amman, Jordan
    • Ability to support the recording of local consultants from home locations
    • Initial editing of mistakes, pauses, and other errors out of recorded feed
  3. Post-Production:
    • Advanced video editing
    • Integration of Special Effects, Stock Footage, and Audio tracks as requested
    • Multi-language services
      • Ability to manage interpreted audio files
    • Animations
    • Voice-overs
    • Management of digital media including, video, PowerPoint slides, and SRT caption files);
    • Web & Video Hosting Capability


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