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Seeking Translation Service Providers

CRDF Global seeks to engage contractors to provide quality language translation services. CRDF Global’s work involves distribution of highly technical material to government and industry audiences around the world.  

The selected contractor will provide translation services for technical and administrative materials that will be utilized for CRDF Global programming; most of these documents contain highly technical content for government, scientific, and financial professionals.

  • Subject areas for translation may include but are not limited to: cybersecurity, counterproliferation, global health, chemical security, biosecurity, financial sanctions.
  • Materials include PowerPoint presentations, technical reports, event materials (agendas, registration websites), official letters, and video files for transcription
  • CRDF Global may request translation services into any language.
    • Presently, most of our requests involve the Official United Nations languages, particularly Arabic and French.
    • CRDF Global also frequently requires Turkish and Indonesian translation services.
    • As the work in our Europe & Eurasia regional hub expands, there may be increased translation requests involving the following languages:
      • Slavic Languages, such as:
        • Ukrainian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Croatian
      • Indo-European Languages, such as:
        • Albanian, Armenian, Romanian
      • Georgian

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