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Seeking Subject Matter Experts on WMD Use in Targeted Assassinations

CRDF Global is seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with experience developing and delivering instruction and training on best practices, and/or facilitating events and tabletop exercises, for government officials, security services, and law enforcement to detect and respond to unconventional attacks using weapons of mass destruction (WMD), with a particular focus on the use of WMD in targeted assassinations.

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) will serve as a lead facilitator during workshops, trainings, and tabletop exercises, for government, security, and first responder beneficiaries around the world, both in person and via online methods. The SME will work with a larger CRDF Global team comprising technical experts, law enforcement trainers, and others to implement counter-WMD assassination capacity-building programming for stakeholders in partner nations. The SME may also contribute to the development, tailoring, and deployment of training/exercise curricula.

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