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Seeking Subject Matter Expert(s) on Investigating Illicit Networks Which Facilitate Weapons Proliferation (Modified)



CRDF Global is seeking experts specializing in research, investigation and analysis of Russian and Chinese illicit corporate networks which facilitate weapons proliferation in the East Asia Pacific region. In collaboration with other experts identified by CRDF Global, the expert(s) will co-lead a series of trainings for the financial sector, commerce associations, trade groups, and investigative journalists. The training will cover the hidden financial costs and reputational risks of conducting business with sanctioned entities through extensive use of specific and recent case studies. The curriculum will cover:

  • How Russian and Chinese defense networks use front companies, commercial espionage, deceptive marketing strategies, and unscrupulous brokers to conduct arms sales.
  • How to identify the use of offshore companies to obscure the involvement of prohibited or high risk Chinese and Russian defense firms in procurement, financial, investment, and merger and acquisition activities.
  • How to identify high risk corporate secretarial, management, and legal actors that provide material support to corruption networks.

The training will empower participants to identify, avoid, and disrupt deceptive practices used by Russian and Chinese defense entities to proliferate advanced conventional weapons and their related technology and components.

Deadline: December 20, 2021

RFP Questions Due (Modified) ; December 17, 2021

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