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Seeking Subject Matter Experts for DTRA-BTRP Work


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter experts, qualified trainers, mentors, and research collaborators to support projects for the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Biological Threat Reduction Prorgram (BTRP) which advance biological threat reduction and capacity building in partner countries. Ideal candidates will possess advanced degrees in veterinary medicine, human medicine, epidemiology, and public health-related fields. Individuals must be able to travel internationally.

Anticipated Scope:

Potential scopes could include:

  1. Scientific Mentorship - supporting development and implementation of partner countries’ research programs focused on increasing knowledge related to pathogens of security concern and/or implementation of stakeholder agendas when in alignment with the BTRP mission.
  1. Training – supporting the development of partner countries’ human capabilities to safely and securely conduct work aligned with the BTRP mission. Covering a broad spectrum of disciplines this would involve developing and/or modifying training materials and plans using internationally accepted guidelines and standards; as well as conducting training activities in partner countries.
  1. Technical Expertise – providing technical expertise to build capacity for activities such as surveillance, sample collection, detection, diagnosis, and reporting. Activities could also include supporting the development of technical reports, conducting facility assessments, assisting BTRP implementation efforts, consulting at various meetings and conferences, as well as supporting emergent requirements that leverage resident expertise and network relationships.
  1. Research Collaborators – aid partner countries in the development and/or implementation of research projects focused on topics aligned with the BTRP mission. Serve as a technical resource and collaborator assisting with the development of research project materials


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