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Seeking Subject Matter Expert(s) on Chinese Counterproliferation Finance Sanctions and Compliance


Deadline: January 3, 2022 (Modified)


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter expert(s) (SMEs) with experience conducting briefings or trainings on Chinese defense sector networks which utilize the legitimate international financial system to evade sanctions and contribute to advanced conventional weapons (ACW) proliferation. The SME(s) will develop and deliver institution-specific briefings to strengthen the global financial and law enforcement sector’s compliance programs and encourage adherence to international legal standards and counterproliferation finance norms. 


The expert(s) will conduct targeted briefings for compliance and risk managers, institutional and private equity investors, international credit rating agencies, auditors, corporate officers, and law enforcement officials operating within the orbit of Chinese ACW issues. These virtual briefings will cover topical analytical methodologies and key findings, to include trends and typologies, emerging red flags, and the identification of specific high-risk networks. Content will be tailored to the recipient institution and the expert will also provide materials such as leave-behind tip sheets for post-training usage. Experts will seek to use these briefings as an opportunity to both convey vital insights and to build trust for future education and engagement. Experts should be able to help identify and contact stakeholders and participant institutions.

Ideal candidates will be able to conduct any/all of the following:

  • Facilitate introductions for CRDF Global with key stakeholders
  • Assist CRDF Global in establishing relationships with key stakeholders
  • Assist CRDF Global with identifying key stakeholders for specific capacity-building engagements
  • Conduct outreach to key stakeholders to facilitate participation in CRDF Global’s capacity-building engagements
  • Provide briefings to CRDF Global on topics of interest, perceptions, or other considerations for key stakeholders in order to inform capacity-building engagements


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