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Seeking Subject Matter Experts on Chemical Security


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) with experience developing and delivering instruction and training to chemical industry on best practices to prevent the unauthorized use or diversion of chemicals. The SME will travel to Alexandria, Egypt to support a 4-day workshop for up to 25 managers of small- to mid-sized high-risk chemical facilities. This workshop will build on previous CRDF Global engagements with Egyptian industry to train participants in the designing and implementation of chemical facility security plans and to conduct prioritized chemical security trainings for their employees.

Contractor Requirements:

The contractor will have experience developing and delivering trainings on chemical security and additional experience assisting in or leading the implementation and design of chemical facility security plans is desired. The contractor will have a demonstrated capability to conduct training and mentoring in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Development of Standards of Procedures (SOPs)
  2. Site Security Risk Assessments and site security
  3. Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA)
  4. train-the-trainer capabilities
  5. Chemical inventory management
  6. Dual-Use Chemicals
  7. Industry Security Initiatives, such as Responsible Care © Security Code

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