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Seeking Partnership with Counterproliferation Finance Expert(s)

CRDF Global organizes a wide variety of programming centered around Counterproliferation Finance -- including online training modules, multi-language presentations, and educational discussions – for a global audience. As such, CRDF Global requires on-going, flexible, and lasting partnerships with experts in the field.

RFP Subject Matter Expertise: Counterproliferation finance, sanctions compliance and risk management, due diligence, and Know Your Customer protocols.

The selected SME(s) would be expected to provide contracted services such as, but not limited to:

  1. Building, tailoring, and deploying curricula for private and public audiences around the world, both in person and via online methods such as live or recorded webinars.
  2. Develop tools and documents for compliance officers related to strengthening their capacity and knowledge against potential DPRK counterproliferation finance-related threats.
  3. Research and provide detailed reports on counterproliferation finance-related threats.
  4. Communicate and collaborate with CRDF Global to develop and deliver counterproliferation-finance related trainings around the world.
  5. Outreach assistance such as leveraging the SME networks and contacts to assist CRDF Global with participant recruitment and selection for global trainings.
  6. Leading training implementation including delivering curriculum developed, answering questions from participants, and providing follow-up guidance as requested by participants.
  7. Provide reporting such as financial reports with all supporting relevant documentation (e.g., receipts, invoices, travel documentation, etc.), weekly check-ins by phone or video conference during project planning and implementation, and final project reports including recommendations for next steps.

** Updated 9/22/2021 **

Deadline: 5:00 PM EST Monday October 4, 2021

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