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Seeking Mentors for Knowledge Security Research Grantees




Submission Deadline: Rolling 2022


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter experts to serve as mentors to research grantees. The grantees will be writing articles, abstracts, and/or conducting research related to the goals of CRDF Global’s knowledge and intellectual property security program to advance efforts to counter the transfer and acquisition of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)-applicable advanced and converging technologies and knowledge. Mentors will be selected based on their experience and familiarity of knowledge security, intellectual property security, and related topics. Selected mentors will be paired with grantees as CRDF Global receives grant applications based on the grantee’s interests. Please see below for more information about mentor qualifications.


These grants will be competitively awarded to training alumni from India, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam following their participation in capacity building activities in order to publish abstracts or journal articles to raise awareness and share knowledge and information security best practices. This project will build on prior efforts to counter the transfer of WMD-applicable technologies in specified regions by providing grants for alumni to advance institutional WMD objectives and reach broader audiences, amplify critical threat reduction concepts, and expand the impact of previous projects. Research proposals will address at least one of the following goals:

  1. Enhance the capabilities of industrial and academic partners to recognize and apply a risk-based approach to strengthen institutional knowledge security practices; 
  2. Improve the capacities of individuals and institutions to apply data protection, security, and due diligence practices to secure sensitive materials; 
  3. Increase the adoption of international best practices in research in partnering countries. 

These grants are six-to-eight-month awards through which selected grantees will conduct research with the help of subject matter expert mentors to leverage previous training content related to information and knowledge security. Grantees are encouraged to address the lowering barriers of entry for developing WMD delivery systems, the landscape of technologies and intellectual property that can contribute to and refine dual-use materials, and/or the technologies and knowledge targeted by nefarious state actors. Successful mentors will have knowledge of these topics or related topics in order to best support grantees.


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