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Seeking Legal Subject Matter Experts on Advanced Conventional Weapons and International Law

CRDF Global is seeking a legal subject matter expert, or subject matter expert team, specializing in legal and/or financial procedures related to international and U.S. sanctions frameworks, due diligence screening, and compliance programs. In collaboration with other experts identified by CRDF Global, the subject matter expert(s) would develop online training materials and co-lead two virtual workshops in June 2021. These trainings will be focused on identifying and disrupting illicit networks, proxy groups and individuals which violate international sanctions by procuring and selling military goods such as advanced conventional weapons to sanctioned entities.

The legal subject matter expert will cover noncompliance consequences and secondary sanctions risks for financial institutions and businesses which facilitate these transactions. The legal subject matter expert(s) will also provide an overview of sanctions evasion typologies and provide recommendations for financial institutions and business entities to proactively screen against advanced conventional weapons proliferation linked transactions and commercial activity. This will strengthen and improve stakeholder compliance and due diligence programs in order to identify and disrupt the illicit networks that profit from the proliferation of advanced conventional weapons.

Submission Deadline: 5:00 PM EDT, April 22, 2021

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Q&A / Additional Information:

Q. Please provide more information on the "Self Recording Video for Online Trainings" Task

A. The recorded modules for trainings can range from 30 min to 2 hours and they are usually a place to offer introductory information for training participants to watch ahead of the live event. In the past, our experts simply used their computer webcams to pre-record this portion. The live event presentation/discussion will be 1 hour with Q&A included in that time, with content tailored to each audience.

Q. For the purposes of submitting a cost proposal, 1) what is the estimated # of presentations and 2) the expected duration of the self-recorded video?

A. Presently, the expectation is for the legal expert to co-lead two virtual trainings in June, 2021. It is estimated that each presentation will last an hour, inclusive of the Q&A. The self-recorded videos are meant to offer introductory information to training participants ahead of the live event. They can range between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Q. Who is the audience and what is their level of knowledge on the topic?

A. The first training is for financial intelligence units from the private and public sector.  The second training is for the private sector: business associations, trade associations and chambers of commerce. Participants are professionals in their field, although they may have limited exposure to the legal components of international sanctions frameworks related to their work or specific considerations related to advanced conventional weapons proliferation.

Q. How many people are you expecting to attend the trainings?

A. Additional participant information will be provided to the selected subject matter expert. Participation ranges from 25 – 200 attendees.

Q. What is the structure of events?

A. Two trainings in June, three hours each in duration. The legal SME will be responsible for leading one hour of each training.  This hour will include Q&A. Another expert will lead the remaining two hours of each training covering open source tools for conducting due diligence and how to determine beneficial ownership data. There are usually additional tasks such as participating in planning and rehearsal calls, or submitting a post-event report, which will be solidified during the contracting phase.

Q. What is the time requirement for the after action report?

A. CRDF Global will provide a template to the selected subject matter expert. It is a 2 page document that takes on average, 30 minutes to complete.

Q. Does the project include participant follow up or additional trainings?

A. The selected subject matter expert will not be required to conduct any participant follow up, although we do encourage experts to include their contact information in their presentation. There are no additional trainings planned at this time, but experts who express interest or submit a proposal may be contacted by CRDF Global with future funding announcements and similar requests for proposals in the future.