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Seeking Interpretation Service Provider

CRDF Global seeks to engage an interpretation service provider to provide simultaneous interpretation services for virtual workshops in a variety of languages.

  • The Contractor will provide simultaneous interpretation services for virtual engagements (webinars) hosted by CRDF Global; most of these webinars involve highly technical material for government, scientific, and financial professionals.
    • Subject areas include: cybersecurity, counterproliferation, global health, chemical security, financial sanctions.
    • Webinars often include expert presentations, Q&A sessions, and occasional group exercises.
  • CRDF Global is seeking a Contractor who can confirm interpreter availability within 48 hours of initial request.
  • Close coordination by phone and e-mail with CRDF Global designated staff should be expected; CRDF Global staff will expect to be able to meet with the individual interpreters prior to each webinar for a pre-event briefing.
  • Interpretation services will be required on an on-going, as-needed basis and will not be limited to a specific quantity or frequency. CRDF Global may prequalify a service provider for a specific period of time, requiring a General Support Contract with a fixed pricing schedule during the period of performance. 

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